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7 Websites All Students Would Find Really Helpful

7 Websites All Students Would Find Really Helpful

The major problem every student could have is related to comprehension and learning issues. But how can this problem be solved? One of the simple answers is educational websites. These are sites on the internet that aid learning, comprehension, give them extra materials and advice on courses, and assess the student at the end of a learning session. Assessment is a key quality feature of educational websites as there is no point in learning, and there’s no way to assess whatever you’ve learned.

Going through ReviewsBird.com you would most likely find reviews on assessment websites which are helpful for students, and you could decide to use one or some of them.

Apart from what you can find on ReviewsBird, here are seven educational websites you should consider.

1.    Khan Academy

One of the best features of Khan Academy is that students can study at their own pace.  This means that students can move on in their learning if they feel their comprehension levels and assessment from practice exercises is satisfactory. If not, they can decide to retake lessons. Khan academy is free for everyone, and it makes learning very interesting for every student.

2.    Edx

This website is very interactive as it engages students with video lectures, practice quizzes, assessments, and many more. It is an open online educational website and also a nonprofit organization. To access this learning platform, you’ll need to sign up and select the courses you’d like to learn. At the end of a course, you can get a certificate that you’ll have to pay for.

3.    Coursera

Coursera is affiliated with several top universities in the world. This website is ideal for students who would like to sharpen their skills and develop themselves or people looking to add more value to their degree to get a promotion at work or start a business.

4.    Quora

For students who are shy and don’t like asking questions for fear of being called names, Quora is the app for you. Quora allows you to ask questions, and these questions are then answered by professionals. Its color scheme, functionality, and interface are attractive and are easy to use.

5.    Udacity

Like the aforementioned websites, Udacity helps you build on your skills or create a new skill. This website offers free courses and open enrollment to students. To get your certificate, you’d have to sit for exams before it is issued.

6.    Chegg Books

Chegg Books is a lifesaver for students who cannot afford to pay so much for textbooks. Books that are purchased from this website can be returned within 21 days of purchase. Textbooks also contain a lot of solved questions you can use to better your grades.

7.    Udemy

Udemy is a useful educational website, but it doesn’t come for free. Students using Udemy are allowed to work at their own pace according to how well they understand a topic. Also, you can find instructional videos on most topics on here. The website also recommends topics you can choose from.


Getting better grades, promotions, and pay raises have never been simpler to do. You need to log in or signup to any of the educational websites stated in this article. Get better skills today!

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