Anil Kapoor Was Always a Math Whiz, Ram-Lakhan’s Iconic Song Has Now Proved It

Anil Kapoor Was Always a Math Whiz, Ram-Lakhan’s Iconic Song Has Now Proved It

What can possibly be the connection between a tough mathematical problem and a Bollywood song? Well, a lot, if you come to think of it. Because the same math problem is now making actor Anil Kapoor go viral on social media because of his cult movie Ram Lakhan’s iconic number “One Two Ka Four, Four Two Ka One, My Name Is Lakhan.” The actor is harking back on his wildly popular song number because of its stellar mathematic problem-solving ability! Say what? Yes!

It all started a while back when film director Anubhav Sinha posted a video explaining a complex mathematical problem known as the ‘Collatz conjecture’. The video explained the equation and Sinha tagged Kapoor and the film’s director Subhash Ghai, saying, “The code has been cracked after so many years. Anil Kapoor, please see this. Subhash Ghai.”

Kapoor then quote tweeted the video and wrote, “No matter how complicated the math problem I always know the answer…#watchtilltheend. “

The video ends with a clip of Kapoor from the song itself, singing and dancing to the One, Two Ka Four chorus, thereby hilariously hinting how the song had already explained the equation all those years ago.

So what is the mathematical equation all about? It is termed as the ‘Collatz conjecture’ which is a complex math problem and the clip is an attempt to explain the same.

“This is a really dangerous problem. People become obsessed with it and it really is impossible,” said Jeffrey Lagarias, a mathematician at the University of Michigan and an expert on the Collatz conjecture had said, according to Quanta Magazine.

The idea is to pick a number and if it’s odd, multiply it by 3 and add 1. If it’s even, divide it by 2. The new number will also go through the same rules. While conjecture says that some numbers may come down to 1 and others go off to infinity, Collatz’s prediction said that if one started with a positive whole number and run the procedure for long, it all comes down to 1 and eventually a loop of 1, 4, 2, 1, 4, 2, 1, on and on forever.

Fans reacted to the video with some hilarious responses:

However, whether or not the puzzle has ultimately been solved, one thing is certain, Kapoor knew about this all those years ago. The song proves it.

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