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How to teach yourself anything

How to teach yourself anything

In a world where information is constantly produced and evolves, relying on formal education alone won’t take you far. Formal education is meant to inspire within you a deep hunger for more knowledge, not make you satisfied with what you have gained from it. Through self-education, you can learn almost anything. Here is how to do so:

Read books

One of the easiest ways to teach yourself anything is to read books. We use books in different sphere of life because of how important they are in helping us keep and pass across information. From textbooks to other types of books, there are thousands of books on all fields in the world. This is why books are major requirements when you want to go to school. Books are now available in ebook formats as opposed to just physical formats. You should consider patronizing Ad Libris on Suomiarvostelut to know what other people in Finland are saying about their services.

Be curious

The first step to gaining knowledge is to be curious. You should not be comfortable with the gaps in your understanding of many things. You should seek out new ideas and embrace new challenges. If you lack curiosity, you will see getting knowledge as a bore. You won’t be open to expanding your capacity and will shy away from self-education.

Make research

After you are curious, the next important thing to do is to find out more information about it. When teaching yourself something new, the first thing to do is to learn the basics. If you know your way, you can get well-formed research off Google. Once you have gotten this, the next thing is to go to the library to download it or hit a digital library. While doing this, ensure you look for books you can use as a long-term reference. You can always come back to these books later in the process.


Acting out what you have learned repeatedly helps to enhance your understanding and memory recall of such a thing. You shouldn’t limit yourself to the tests and exercises in the books you have read; try to get involved in the real thing. Also, don’t keep your learning to yourself. Put what you have learned on a blog for the whole world to see and comment on it. This way, you will see how much you have yet to know.


Social networks are one of the most commendable sources of knowledge, even though many people don’t know this. The relationships you build both offline and online can help you in your self-education. Also, you will be able to test your newly-gotten knowledge against others’ own, thereby allowing yourself to grow and develop. Ask your colleagues for recommendations, join an email list, etc. so that you can have a foothold in whatever you are learning.

Schedule your learning

You have to be committed to whatever you want to learn if you want to make progress. Getting a lot of books or bookmarking websites or having a string of contacts under your belt is no good if you don’t commit to the learning process. You have to focus on reading, understanding, and implementing what you have learned to join the ranks of successful, self-taught people.

Also, you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people. If what works for you every week is 5 hours, then you should stick to it. Don’t be pressured to triple the number of hours because of your friend’s speed. Self-education is purely personal because only you can tell your needs, gaps in understanding, and how best you learn and retain information.

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