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Is the British education system an example to the rest?

Is the British education system an example to the rest

There are many countries in the world, with virtually all of these countries prioritizing education. The impact of education both economically as well as in terms of development and security have been identified and appreciated by the nations. Hence, they consistently encourage their citizens to strive to get a quality education.

Different countries follow different routes, with some initially have their ways of educating the younger generation. However, the most popular form of education across the world tilts towards formal education. One of the countries that could be termed pioneers when it comes to the education system in Britain. Hence, the British education system has commanded influence over the years.

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British education has been an example and remains an example for several countries in the world. This article will discuss some of the ways the British education system is an example to the rest.


During the colonial era, the British education system was introduced to all the countries that were colonized by the British. The implication is that most of those countries use British English and also use the British curriculum of education. Hence, most of those countries base their education on what the British taught them during colonialism. Most of their first teachers were thought by the British and some were transported to Britain to get more knowledge.

The teachers mostly know what the British thought them and that is what they teach the next generation who also become teachers and teach the next generation. In these countries, they also pay attention to what happens in the British education system and try to implement the good parts of the developments to their education system as well.

British schools

There are many countries including countries like the USA that have their education system where British schools are run. Individuals and organizations establish British school and run them with the British curriculum in those countries. Hence, students who attend those schools are strictly taught as though they were attending a school in Britain.

Incorporation of the British curriculum

Some schools run the USA education system or the system in their country but also have dedicated courses that are sometimes compulsory for the students. Such courses include British English and some other British-related courses. The prevalence of this type of schools across the world shows that the British education system is held in high esteem and is an example to most other countries when it comes to education.

Foreign students

Britain plays host to millions of foreign students from across the world who flock into the country to learn based on the British education system. This could be due to a personal or national admiration for the British education system and the value certifications from British schools hold in such countries. Hence, the desire to study in Britain and get their certifications showing that they are an example for several countries across the world. There is hardly a country in the world that would reject a certification from the UK as would be the case from some other countries.

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