• Bush Hills STEAM Academy earns prestigious STEM award
    STEAM Initiative

    Bush Hills STEAM Academy earns prestigious STEM award

    Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson, third from right, and BCS Superintendent Dr. Mark Sullivan, far left, with school officials and city leaders as Tyson presents funding for schools in Birmingham’s District 8. (PROVIDED PHOTO)

    By Haley Wilson

    The Birmingham Times

    Bush Hills STEAM Academy on Thursday became the first Birmingham City School (BCS) school to earn COGNIA certification which is awarded to schools that have two years of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) programs for its students and meet rigorous performance standards.

    “This prestigious certification is an honor and a testament to the incredible work the students, leaders and educators have put into this program,” said Superintendent Dr. Mark Sullivan. “We are proud of our educators and our scholars at Bush Hills STEAM Academy.”

    Meanwhile, Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Tyson, District 8 School Board Representative, Sonja Smith and other school leaders were at Bush Hills STEAM Academy as Tyson presented $63,300 to elementary and middle schools in Birmingham’s 8th district.

    Those schools include:

    • Bush K-8
    • Bush Hills STEAM Academy
    • Brown elementary
    • Central Park Elementary
    • Minor Elementary
    • Princeton Elementary
    • Green Acres Middle School

    “Birmingham City Schools [BCS] have done so much for me,” said Tyson. “I can’t speak for everybody else, but I know what they have done for me in my life… [BCS] have fueled the vision that I have for myself and for my community. “We got to do more than cleanup outside of the schools. We have to clean up in our kids heads, in their heart, and make sure they are learning.”

    Tiffani Rocker Stewart, interim principal of Bush Hills STEAM Academy, said the funding will help with scholarships within the academy “and really push our STEAM initiative forward,” she said. “…this is just a steppingstone to the upward trajectory that we are headed in.”

  • STEM Academy Online Courses Registration for Fall 2021 is Open

    STEM Academy Online Courses Registration for Fall 2021 is Open


    STEM Academy is an online school located in tristate area aiming to help students at all levels to achieve their full potentials in various STEM fields (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Physics, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, Information Technology, Economy, etc.) You name it!


    Courses at STEM Academy are designed based on standard high school curriculum and taught in heuristic pedagogies to help students fully understand the topics and materials, receive great scores in standard tests such as AP exams and SATs, and achieve terrific GPAs in their school transcripts, that would give them great advantages when it comes to competitive college applications.


    Instructors at STEM Academy have advanced degrees in technical fields. They are passionate and experienced educators from high schools and some from universities.


    Courses at STEM Academy are offered via Zoom in real time in small groups (3~6). There is lecturing, recitation and discussion in every class. The educators make every effort so students receive enough attention to follow through the class. There is weekly homework and it will be graded and feedback will be provided.


    Courses at STEM Academy are open to middle school and high school students for registration. Honors-level courses are equivalent to regular courses offered in school and Advanced-level courses are equivalent to AP courses. Instructors at STEM Academy adopt modern teaching pedagogy so ensure students engagement and optimal learning outcomes.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director of Education, Dr. Ken at 917-862-8026.