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    What decisions are made based on the census? | Govt-and-politics

    On April 26, 2021, a little over one year after the 2020 census count began, the survey’s first data points were released to the public. Among this first round of information was a list of the states that were set to gain seats in the House of Representatives (Texas, Florida, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon) and those who will lose them (California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia). These gains and losses will potentially have major effects on the midterm elections, as Democrats are now poised to lose their narrow advantage in the house.

    The allocation of House seats is not the only major decision the United States will be making based on census data over the next decade. In fact, dozens of decisions, both on the federal and local levels, from policy to budget, will be made based on the once-a-decade count. To mark the release of the first bits of this new data, Stacker compiled a list of 10 different decisions that are made based on the U.S. Census Bureau data using news and government reports. Read on to find out how major of a role this constitutionally mandated count plays in the running and shaping of our country.

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