• Vestavia students form Alabama Youth Math Club
    Math Club and Olympiad

    Vestavia students form Alabama Youth Math Club

    The Alabama Youth Math Club (AYMC), recently founded by Vestavia middle school and high school math team members, aims to promote math throughout Alabama through volunteering and raising money to support math education.

    This summer, they directed three fundraisers for the Vestavia math teams, selling sticky rice dumplings, qingtuan, and crafts at Hometown Supermarket and Oriental Pearl to commemorate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. AYMC members worked together on everything from preparing food to advertising and selling. The club raised around $4,000. They believe this is the first student-led off-campus club to raise money for the Vestavia Hills Math Team. 

    The AYMC also held a week-long math camp for kids to prepare for the school year and math competitions and to inspire a lifelong love of math, with about 70 students attending. The camp was split into four classes: fun math (lower elementary level), Continental Math League (upper elementary level), AMC 8 and Mathcounts (middle school level), and AMC 10 (high school level). The classes are meant to prepare for nationally recognized competitions. Each class was taught by successful math team members who planned the material, explained the problems, and organized activities themselves. 

    More recently, they invited the IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) head coach, Po-Shen Loh, to speak at Pizitz on August 2nd about Math in Games, Strategy, and Invention. A crowd of about100 gathered, consisting of math team members, parents, and teachers. Professor Loh talked about game theory, graph theory, and how they relate to fighting COVID. 

    The club is currently in the process of talking with the Alabama Department of Education on ways to support math and science education in Alabama. 

    For more information, visit: www.birminghammathclub.org

    — Submitted by Tina Gao

  • Share Your Input: Help Form New STEAM Initiatives
    STEAM Initiative

    Share Your Input: Help Form New STEAM Initiatives

    The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) provides student STEAM challenges, designed to inspire science, technology, engineering, art and math solutions for real-world issues. We are soliciting input from our distinguished public school educators and leaders for exciting new challenges  coming this fall.

    NJSBA’s STEAM Tank and Bimonthly Challenges

    NJSBA’s popular STEAM Tank Challenge encourages K-12 students to think like entrepreneurs while creating solutions to today’s problems. The goal is to further establish our state as a sustainable, healthy, equitable and safe place to live, work and play.

    Additional bimonthly challenges are coming soon to increase awareness regarding emerging STEAM-related jobs, while helping students develop career readiness skills through enriching activities in the wake of the pandemic.

    Federal ESSER funds may support public school districts in this initiative and professional training to accelerate STEAM learning.

    Please complete the following five-minute survey and share examples of challenges that your community faces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples may include equity, learning acceleration, health and wellness, food and energy security, or measures that you would like your students to explore while tackling local, state, regional or global issues.

    By taking part in this survey, you will help students participating in upcoming contests develop innovative solutions to the challenges districts are facing.

    The survey completion deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 31.