Online Classes Not Fair To Aggressive College students — Karnataka Minister On Why Schools Must Open

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    Realizing that students can interpret exam questions in different ways, students at Georgia State College within the nursing program are given the chance to switch a number of alternative examination questions that they discover complicated. Teaching Kitchen Chef Emilie Berner and Sarah Cincotti, U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class and a scholar at the Culinary Institute of America, led the Breaking Bonds Culinary Program, whipping up fall recipes that put well being and wellness first.

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    Weekly Guidelines for Students in Asynchronous Online Courses

    For those of us who continue to teach asynchronous online courses during the 2021-2022 academic year, it’s worth considering how we motivate our students.  Reasonably well-developed and presented online syllabi, assignment prompts, and modules that present course-related materials each week do not necessarily ensure student engagement and success.  Indeed, many undergrads still have difficulty making the leap from traditional face-to-face courses to asynchronous online courses and often need assistance with that transition.

    Without much additional work, however, professors can provide that assistance through concise, single-page reminders via email, text, and shared at the top of each online course module.  These written cues feature helpful prompts and encouraging calls to action, providing yet another way to guide students through their coursework.  Besides helping students navigate asynchronous online courses more easily, weekly guidelines can also help foster engagement, learning, and success.  Here are several reasons we might consider augmenting our online syllabi, assignment packets, and course modules in an asynchronous setting with supplementary communications.

    1) Weekly guidelines provide additional support to students

    Since we are not together with our students in the same room for asynchronous online courses, our students benefit from extra contact.  For those who need a gentle push accomplishing

  • Coding and Robotics

    Back to school: Best STEM kits for elementary school teachers and students

    From coding robots and chemistry sets to space-themed offerings, here are some of the best STEM kits for elementary school students and teachers.

    After a year of remote learning, many schools are returning to in-person learning this fall. Whether it’s in the classroom or follow-up work at home, STEM lessons focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics are foundational to a number of educational pathways. As students head back to the classroom, here are some of the best STEM kits and coding accessories for elementary students and teachers.


    Image: Amazon

    Robotics kits are essentially a STEM rite of passage at this point. The Giggleway science kit comes with everything children will need to construct three individual robot systems including motors, circuitry, wiring and an instruction book for independent DIY construction. This science kit is rated for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

    $21 at Amazon


    Image: Amazon

    Space and final frontier exploration are popular subjects for many elementary school kids. This STEM kit features six space-themed learning exercises including lessons to understand rocket propulsion and lunar phases as well as the opportunity to build a model of the solar system. This science kit is rated for children between

  • Coding and Robotics

    Robotics company creates coding camp for local students

    SORRENTO VALLEY, Calif. (KGTV) — The CEO of Robolink, Hansol Hong, thinks coding might be our future.

    “Coding has become a viable skill, and some people call it the new cursive whether you want to become an engineer or not. The skillset of knowing and understanding is very important,” Hong described.

    It’s one of the reasons he designed coding kits for schools across the U.S. in a way students can learn while staying engaged.

    “Students see the physical reaction of what’s happening in digital work, transforming to physical work flying these drones. Those things make students excited and make them engaged, and we build more activities on top of that.”

    But he knows not all opportunities, especially when it comes to education, are equal. “Our team had a strong mission that equity is important,” creating a summer camp that gives students in underserved areas a chance to build drones and robots through coding.

    Eighth grader, Don Hernandez, was one of the first students in the 3-week pilot program. “We built a robot car, we gave it commands through Python, we made it go forward, and turn right,” Hernandez described. “It feels good because we’re learning a new skill, and

  • Math Club and Olympiad

    Vestavia students form Alabama Youth Math Club

    The Alabama Youth Math Club (AYMC), recently founded by Vestavia middle school and high school math team members, aims to promote math throughout Alabama through volunteering and raising money to support math education.

    This summer, they directed three fundraisers for the Vestavia math teams, selling sticky rice dumplings, qingtuan, and crafts at Hometown Supermarket and Oriental Pearl to commemorate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. AYMC members worked together on everything from preparing food to advertising and selling. The club raised around $4,000. They believe this is the first student-led off-campus club to raise money for the Vestavia Hills Math Team. 

    The AYMC also held a week-long math camp for kids to prepare for the school year and math competitions and to inspire a lifelong love of math, with about 70 students attending. The camp was split into four classes: fun math (lower elementary level), Continental Math League (upper elementary level), AMC 8 and Mathcounts (middle school level), and AMC 10 (high school level). The classes are meant to prepare for nationally recognized competitions. Each class was taught by successful math team members who planned the material, explained the problems, and organized activities themselves. 

    More recently, they invited the IMO (International

  • College Guidance and Counseling

    ScholarShopMom Helps Students Obtain Money for College

    Brenda High is an Educational Consultant, College, Career, and Scholarship Readiness Coach. High is the founder of ScholarShopMom. Her mission is to assist students in finding a career path and educating parents on how to help their children obtain a debt-free education. High conducts workshops for parents and students from elementary to high school with the tools to put them in the best position to acquire money for trade school or college.

    TG: What is your background?

    BH: For the past 30 years, I have worked as a teacher, college advisor, and educational consultant. I have spent most of my time consulting with high school and college students. I received a full-ride scholarship when I graduated from high school. I’m from upstate New York where I attended Mount St. Mary College. That was my first experience getting scholarships.  I was a studious student and the bookworm in the family. My mother was a widow with six children. I knew she didn’t have any money to pay for me to go to school. I was one of those students that focused on trying to do well academically.

    I majored in social studies. I wanted to be a teacher because I love

  • Math Club and Olympiad

    Meet the top 10 students in Bridgewater-Raynham High’s Class of 2021

    BRIDGEWATER — Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School’s Class of 2021 graduated during an outdoor ceremony on June 5.

    These students were the top performers in their class.

    The following information was provided by the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District.

    (Editor’s note: The seventh student in the Class of 2021 opted not to be included in the list provided by the school district.)

    1. James Peterson

    James Peterson

    Jimmy Peterson, son of Tim and Beth Peterson, of Bridgewater, was the recipient of the John Reilly Award, Principal’s Club Award, Foreign Language Department Award, Social Studies Department Award and English Department Award. He was class president; National Honor Society president; a member of the lacrosse, winter track, cross-country teams; and a lector for St. Thomas Aquinas parish.

    “My favorite memory of B-R is my lacrosse team’s annual gold fever competition and scrimmage where the winning team gets gold fever pizza!” Peterson said. He will attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and plans to commission as an officer in the United States Army. 

    2. Sarah Petit 

    Sarah Petit

    Sarah Petit, daughter of Mary-Beth and Kris Petit, of Raynham, was salutatorian of the Class of 2021, recipient of The 84 Movement’s 2021 Statewide Youth Leadership Award, The