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    New study says Americans are addicted to tracking packages

    Roses are red, the sky is blue, and Americans are addicted to tracking packages.

    OK, so this seems obvious to those who routinely order almost everything online, but a new study has revealed that people have become particularly obsessed with tracking the status of their packages. So much so, that is has become an addiction.

    According to a new study by 4over.com, 60% of people who make purchases online check their delivery status daily, or, even multiple times a day.

    The study even found that 81% of online shoppers have experienced anxiety when packages arrive late.

    Plus, two in three online shoppers look out their window to watch out for deliveries. Now that’s a lot.

    Furthermore, 65% of people who participated in the study say delivery tracking has become an addiction, and they expect packages to be delivered within three days of ordering.


    Lastly, the study revealed more than half (57%) say package tracking is “very important” to them, while 29% won’t buy something online if they can’t track its status.

    Let’s face it — we’re addicted.

    For more on the study, and for a ranking of states with the most delayed deliveries (Florida is actually the No. 1 least-delayed state!), click here.

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