Tuition Expert, Adam Caller, Responds
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Tuition Expert, Adam Caller, Responds

The Chinese Government are imposing new regulations and restrictions on the private tutoring industry. China’s crackdown on tutoring is motivated by the Government’s hopes that it will incentivise parents to have more children, as it will supposedly reduce the financial burden of the costs associated with highly competitive education.

EdSurge reports:

“The new rules restrict both tutoring services and the profits they generate. They limit online lessons to 30-minute sessions; impose a tutoring curfew of 9pm; and prohibit instruction during weekends, holidays and school breaks. Companies that offer private instruction in core subjects will have to register as non-profits and will no longer be able to raise investment capital through IPOs or advertise their programs.”

The new regulations have caused disruptions and concerns for parents and the education industry alike.

Adam Caller

Adam Caller is a former teacher, an education consultant, a private tuition expert and the Founder of Tutors International – a private tutoring company for Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), which specialises in personalised residential tutoring.

Mr Caller responds to China’s crackdown on tutoring:

“The Chinese Government have found that there are not enough young people to support their ageing population. They have concluded that the culture of competitive tutoring – (and the expenses incurred as a result) – is a key influence on people’s decision to have fewer children. This is misjudged. If they want to drive up population numbers, surely a more effective incentive would be to offer cash benefits or provide state tutoring.”

The ‘Celebrity Tutor’ Problem

Adam Caller says the focus on private tutoring as an inhibitor to families having more children, is misdirected. He points out that the ‘celebrity tutor’ craze amongst competitive wealthy families in China seems to be the foundation of the concerns, but this only affects a small fraction of the population. Mr Caller explains:

“The vast majority of Chinese people don’t need tutors – the quality of education in China is excellent. When their Government talk about the enormous expenses of a tutor, what they actually mean is the ‘celebrity tutor’. These are tutors who earn millions a year because they have achieved a status of fame, to the point where they are considered superstars. This celebrity tutor phenomenon has meant HNW families compete to employ these famous tutors. Interestingly, the ultra-rich actually tend to opt for the likes of Tutors International instead, whose tailored service, 22 years of experience and educational excellence speaks for itself. Either way, the celebrity tutor market and the ultra-high-end tutoring market relate to a microscopic portion of the population and have nothing to do with the vast majority of Chinese people, so the attention and restriction on this sector is completely misplaced.”

An Ineffective Move

Mr Caller believes that China’s crackdown on tutoring will do very little to help their population. He details why the new laws seem uninformed, surmising that an ulterior motive could potentially be at play:

“The supposed incentive to have more children seems to be an excuse for the fact they quite simply want to reduce private tuition. Plenty of countries restrict private tuition, but do so more transparently, for example, homeschooling is illegal in Sweden and Germany. That is to say, China isn’t an anomaly in being reserved about private tuition, but enforcing restrictions on it is not the great social leveller they seem to think it will be. If they make it extremely difficult to employ private home tutors, wealthy families with the means to travel for education will do so. One of Tutors International’s Chinese Clients had eight children, and because of Chinese attitudes to highly regulated education and multiple children, they ended up moving to Canada. In effect, the small portion of the population that the tuition crackdown is supposed to have the most impact on, is the same portion of the population with the fiscal means to circumvent the restrictions.

“I do wonder if these restrictions have been enforced without informed foresight, or if the true reasons for these tutoring restrictions have not been disclosed. Will it be part of a new wider social engineering project? Or is there another reason that they’re not divulging?”

Tutors International Can Help

Mr Caller offers advice to Chinese families concerned about the new tutoring restrictions:

“I understand that censorship may mean individuals in China cannot access this, but if there are any families with the means to use our service, who might consider sending their children to a private homeschooling set up abroad, Tutors International can help. Our Tutor could operate in loco parentis and homeschool your child(ren) outside of China. This would be particularly good for any families who are looking to educate their child to a level where they might succeed in a British or European boarding school or university.”

This is an expensive proposition available to a select few, but for those UHNW families, Tutors International is the world leader in tailored high-end private tutoring. If you are looking for a personalised private tutoring solution, you can contact Tutors International via their enquiry form at

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